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USA Elections

November 7, 2010


So now the 2010 elections behind us what will we expect from the new formed GOP and Democrats?

Major reforms will be upon us and unemployment rate will plummet drastically by next presidential elections and everyone will live happily ever after …….. wait a second this politics we are talking about not cartoon.

My own predictions with republicans wining the house and taking few seats from under the democrats in the Senate, this will turn into an ugly battle between those two parties and again nothing will be accomplished. The main losers are the people of the United States who voted for them. Why because most the politicians are paid by lobbyist firms (check out the biggest spenders ) Do I blame them? No not really, they got family to feed, kids and their own private interest before they think of the rest, anyone of us probably will do the same, and you are selling a service to the highest bidder.

Of course I will be reminded that, this is what makes United States great country ability to vote and freedom of speech, while I do not disagree with this premise, I differ in how things are going, we are in the internet age, fast information flowing all around us, smart phones that can do things super computers only dreamed of 20 years ago. Here is where I would like to see us going in 10-15 years:

Let the people vote on majority of issues that goes in front of the house/Senate without inserting unwanted items in the bill to satisfy various pockets. Example how this can run in new age polling:

  • A bill is introduced by gathering enough signatures to have it in the ballot. Instead of having our two major parties duel it out (that can be fun though if it was an actual duel), let the people decide.
  • Bill goes on for a vote just similar how we just voted on State issues pertaining to our Taxes, Immigration in AZ, marijuana in CA, etc BUT instead of going to polling stations we vote using our   computers, Phones, Tablet PC by:

                                                              i.      Accessing a secure website for voting

                                                            ii.      Entering a PIN number that was mailed to each person, plus last 4 digits of SSN

                                                          iii.      Most of the devices I spoke about have cameras built in, this is used to take a picture of voter and compare it to record. Maybe also take a picture of our driver license!

                                                          iv.      Once all is established you vote

                                                            v.      Of course for some the might need to go to library or polling place if they do not have the current technology to do the above

  • Elections end by midnight
  • Results known immediately as soon as polls closes
  1. No need for the people to support 435 Congressman and 100 Senators; look at the yearly savings if we drop those numbers in half. Congressman salary is $165K and Senator is at $174K total saving of around $44 Million a year in salaries not to mention all the side benefits (healthcare, pension etc). That money can be put to good use.
  2. A more efficient and lean government can be formed here when you are cutting the red tape from house and Senate and stop having party affiliation. I want a person that can THINK on their own not follow his party. OR let us make it a kingdom, have Bush era, Clinton Era, we had the Kennedy’s era.  

Maybe I can be proven wrong and D & R will work together in the next two years but I’m not willing to bet the house on it. I will wait to see if voting will happen as I predicted above.


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