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NPR vs Juan Williams

October 23, 2010

            It’s interesting to see how this country needs a reason to find an escape goat in certain groups (wrong color, religion, sex etc) we speak of tolerance and democracy but damn if you go against me!  In the past the “White” or so called Anglo-Saxon had slavery and considered themselves none Bigots, political correction came in and changed the name referring to salves from using the N word to African-American (1920 when they got their rights to vote). We also have the Anti-Japanese sentiment; this movement treated the Japanese similar to Slavery or Hitler for that manner (minus the gas chambers) by having “War Relocation Camps”.  

            Reading the Testimony of John L. DeWitt, April 13, 1943, House Naval Affairs Subcommittee to Investigate Congested Areas: “I don’t want any of them [persons of Japanese ancestry] here. They are a dangerous element. There is no way to determine their loyalty… It makes no difference whether he is an American citizen, he is still Japanese. American citizenship does not necessarily determine loyalty… But we must worry about the Japanese all the time until he is wiped off the map.” Oh My how we have changed since then, we drive Japanese cars and play with Sony Playstation!

            So to me it seems a natural reaction in this country if a small member of a group does something bad then it must be by default the entire group that is bad and we HAVE to hate them no questions asked. Pearl Harbor happened and by default we can’t trust those “Japs”, 9/11 happened and we can’t trust ANY Muslim. This is a normal reaction to something we do not know or understand. With Black we used Skin color as differentiation with Muslims it’s Religion!

            Let us assume the role was reversed and NPR had an Arab-American who said this:” When I fly and see Hasidic Jew I get scared”.

Do you think Fox news would say this is his free speech right or would Fox have went on the attack? Would they have offered him $2 Million contract to give Fox a different point of view? Do I agree with NPR firing John Williams for speaking his personal views? No I do not. If Juan did say this is NPR views then NPR has right to fire him (if he was speaking outside NPR views). Just like any of us bad mouthing the company you work for in public, they can terminate your employment if they deem you not following their Vision. Yes what NPR did is wrong in taking this drastic action, but as a Muslim I want to thank them for taking a stand to support the minority group that is under constant attack.

I leave you with Mr. Jesse Ventura statement:” The First Amendment was not written to protect the popular speech but the unpopular one”



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