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Suits over health care law heats up

October 7, 2010

From USA Today, October 6th, 2010

First of all I would like to say I agree 100% with Matt Sissel from Iowa City about not having the government dictating his personal financial decisions. Mr. Sissel who is uninsured artist doesn’t want to get health insurance and with new Obamacare he doesn’t want to pay the penalty for not having one by 2014. Matt I agree with you, this is your right and right of everyone; I don’t want to be penalized for something I do not want!!! I also would like to side with attorney general from Virginia to Florida who have filed law suits against this new health care coverage. This is America you can’t tell me what to do about my health.

Now since this is our right to refuse (according to the arguments filed by some of the Attorney generals), then I would say it is my right and right of the other insured people out there to ask from the government to stop giving away free Medical Care (Medicaid), I will only agree to provide free health coverage to people who actually can’t afford it. What I mean by that is a person that is working to provide good life for his/her family but still falling short. NOT a person that is working have extra cash but decides to spend that cash on body art, smoking, drinking (it’s their right) or other none essential items (buying video games or iPhone!) and then decides when he/she gets sick ask us for free care? If they decides to go to ER for none life threatening illness they better give cash for that service, or show insurance card. Let us stop free loaders from our system and stop the abuse.

You cannot have it both ways, refuse health coverage because you know the State or government will bail you out later when you need it.


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  1. I totally agree about the people who have money for the great cell phones, body art etc but choose not to have money to pay for e.r. visits etc. How do we get that to happen though when you call the people who are in office and they ignore you? Brad Ellsworth!! It is disheartening when call after call is made to change and no one is listening!!

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