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Clean Energy Solution

October 6, 2010

Government trying to push for clean energy you says? They are looking at it upside down.

It’s like asking the fox to protect the hens; do you really think Utility companies and Oil companies want to find an expensive solution for their current commodity (Oil, Gas, and Coal)? Please do not get me started on the argument about National Security and not depending on foreign oil. If people felt that strongly about it I would see less gas guzzler cars (similar to Europe) on our streets, but opposite is true SUV are back in fashion… I DON’T GET IT ß the argument that is.

You want clean energy from sun here is a solution. Instead of Shingles on the roofs of homes make it Solar wafers. If every new House being built has that part of it look at the new subdivisions that would be generating electricity when you connect all the homes together. Why can’t utility companies utilize the roofs on all the industrial buildings out there similar to Edison Electric in California?

But nope as a government we would like to waste money and resources on Clean Energy that doesn’t make sense. How is an incentive for electric cars at this time making sense in being Green? Think about it, to Charge your car you have to plug it to an outlet, mmmm this power is coming from “dirty” energy Coal for example and using the Batteries in those cars will let’s just say they are not meant to be environmentally friendly. So no thanks I will stick with my good Ole gas engine until a true cleaner car is out in market. Hydrogen?

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