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Elections Bonanza

October 5, 2010

I’m looking for inputs on why today’s candidates spend so much money to be elected?

As my kids would say: I don’t get it?

Let us take for example, Meg Whitman who is running for a CA governor position and so far has spent $120Million of her own money plus $20+ million from donations. According to Times magazine she has surpassed the candidates who spent on Presidential elections! For those of you who do not her she was the CEO of ebay and made that company to what it is now with 16000 employees and a reach all over the globe. I will take one point from Meg’s website, creating Jobs for CA? The amount of money she has spent so far for this governor race, she could have started a company hired people and helped in CA unemployment. So I DON’T get it, she wants a governor job to help unemployment how?

I’m looking for everyone’s input to help me out in this dilemma.

I’m reaching a point to create my own party called “mint tea party”


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  1. I agree, its absurd the amount of money that is being invested on elections. Its just an absurd idea to comprehend. The reason you don't get it, is because it truly does not make sense! We have high rates of unemployment and the irony is truly that these people claim to want to better the goverment but yet have to spend outrageous amounts of money to even just begin to convince people to vote for them. The money would be better invested in improving the ecomony and helping charities. I don't think you should have to spend that much money to convince people you are worth voting for. If they are truly great then people would recognize their potential, genuineness, and leadrship and vote for them without all this money being wasted! SO, I agree Shadi, it does not make sense!

  2. wow that is insane… i dont get it either… that is a lot of money to spend… maybe she should just stand at the top of a building and throw her money off may be more useful!

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