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American Airlines

July 16, 2010

Here is an airline that I’m trying to figure out why they are good? It has never failed even after a long period without flying this airline delays from Chicago seems to be the norm!

The question to be asked from AA is WHO is in charge? I doubt we can keep blaming the government or FAA for lack technology, this is your business work around it, reduce the number of flight leaving Chicago to meet your on-time departure, invest in better communication system.

I know you might say we have the best communication system there is, well let me give you an example: I have tried to take an earlier flight and what did AA say for an empty flight they had? Pay $50 for “Confirmed Standby” or no seat for you! Here is the best part, my original flight ended up to be over booked and AA started given vouchers for anyone that give-up his/her seat. Again let me ask these questions to an airline that paid big $$ to be in “Up in Air” movie:

  1. What in the world is “Confirmed Standby”? Either you are confirmed after you paid the $50 or you aren’t? Say what you mean AA not play with words.
  2. Investing in good communication would have allowed the agent to see my original flight is over booked and the agents will ask volunteers to take later flight and pay them (customers) $$ in the process. WOW it doesn’t take a genius to see if you have a person welling to take earlier flight it will all be a win-win for everyone. Not AA, they are programmed like robots without thinking how this will affect our operations.

So now the question is would I fly this airline again?

Simple answer is NOPE, NILL, ZERO. I would take a Delta flight and change planes twice before I take an airline that can’t think on their own and still be delayed same amount of time as if changing two flights (instead of direct).

What a shame you could have gained a customer but instead you got an irate one.


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