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BP vs The White House

June 14, 2010

BP vs The White House

Let me get this straight, if the white house let the company responsible do what it can to plug the leak with support from Coast Guard we cry foul! If the White House took over the situation from the start we cry foul reasoning Government should not interfere with businesses! Which is it? Damn if you Do Damn if you Don’t?

Who started the slogan Drill baby Drill? Did the people forget it was Ms Palin who preached this? When the president finally succumbs to the nation demands for drilling, the spill happens and we started pointing fingers at the White House!

I say look in the mirror America, why are we drilling in the first place? Let us not use more excuses such as our dependant on foreign oil. Those countries need us as much as we need some of their oil. The real reason is our hunger for consuming oil as if it has no end in sight. We all use our cars for travelling to the store that is a mile away! We enjoy our big gas guzzler trucks even if we truly have no need for it. We enjoy spending other resources from electricity and water more than any other nations. If we changed our habits, then businesses will change what they offer us to meet consumer demands. Use a bicycle to go to store and city will provide paths for that, we start using public transit ( I know Evansville isn’t Chicago or NY in that area), but with more demand the city would have to expand the routes and build a better system.

Finally, BP, as any major company any of us works for, they would have an Emergency plan in case something happens. That is where the surprise is if a company decides to venture into a business such as deep oil drilling don’t we all think they should have had procedures on how to tackle a leak? I have been at various industrial plants, some of which has a great safety record, that doesn’t mean I can walk in the plant without my Personal Protective Equipment, that is how these sites remain safe and I stay safe. Same with BP why drill in an area that you do not seem to have expertise at and just hope for the best? We shouldn’t blame the White House no more we should have blamed the White House during President Bush dealing with some of Katrina aftermath, people refused to leave their homes after warning been issued so it’s the government fault they weren’t saved! What a logic we have.

Again I say look in the mirror.


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