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Russia arms sales to Syria ‘don’t help peace’: Israel

May 16, 2010

So it has been a while since I wrote some thoughts on here, but seeing this headline just made me wonder…. “Russia arms sales to Syria ‘don’t help peace’: Israel”
Mr. Lieberman called Russia “hypocritical” over their stance on terrorism. This is mind blowing, but one should expect from politician.
Why is anything that would make Israel neighbor stronger in protecting themselves is called hypocrite, while US supplies arms every year to Israel?
Supplying Israel with:
1) F-35 Jet fighter AND fuel for the fighters
2) Patriot missiles
3) 66mm anti-armort weapons and training rockets
4) GBU-0 small diameter bombs by Boeing
5) Combat ships by Lockheed that is equipped with 2MK 41 Vertical Launch System
What would we call this kind of a supply against peace in region Mr. Lieberman? I Know, I Know, its called Israel defending itself from its enemies that surround it. But if the so called “enemy” is asked to not have a low tech Mi-G fighters then why would Israel needs all the high tech weaponry to defend itself?

For true peace in region one must dismantle all weapons in that region (including the nuclear ones that Israel keeps a tight lid on).

Let us not use the phrase either you are with us or against us. This phrase leads to no where. A true leader and decisive is required to be able to move this region forward. Listening to special interest groups will always lead us to the path of darkness vs the path of illumination.


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