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TEA Party

April 16, 2010

I know it has been a while since I wrote down some thoughts, but this tea party movement is getting into me.

The TEA party movement claims they do not belong or side with any party is puzzling to me.
I believe this party is wearing the vale of hard core conservative party, nothing wrong with that if you know where you stand. Where I have a problem with is the idea to claim you are independent yet the majority of their speakers are hard core right wing from Sarah Palin to Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and to getting advice from Virginia based organization that trains conservative leaders.
This party would have my respect if they do not hide behind a vale of Independent thinking, how anyone could hold an intelligent conversation when the premise of this party is that taxes are is a socialist thing and this country is not a democratic one?

First of all to all TEA party people, I do agree excessive taxes would put a hamper on this country growth and being an entrepreneur leader in this global economy. But to say taxes is a socialist agenda then how do you propose to pay for our civil servants, such as police departments who protect our community, fire departments who rush to your rescue and so on.

Second, to all the senior people joining this party shouting socialist government, I stand 100% behind you. I say cancel Medicare and Social Security for everyone and save this country. Why in the world the government needs to take care of the elderly! Are we becoming socialist, I’m an American where I do not care for my next door neighbor. The elderly who didn’t save enough for retirement I say shame on you, why you asking for asking the country to help you with your Medical needs. As for Social Security which is a sticky situation since the government is taking the money from our pay to fund this program I say END it. Why? Well if we END the Social Security the government would have to find a different way to borrow cash to fund its growth (which I truly do not support) and in the process might make our government more leaner and not waste cash.
I say if government wants to make sure we have cash to retire then put that money into an account I have access to and the government can NOT touch.

Finally, the USA needs to stop policing and giving aid to every country around the globe while we are facing a recession and a major deficit.

I say to all the TEA party give a solution to the problem at hand and not just rally for the sake of it. Propose how you can reduce deficit and move this country forward and you will see me cheering for you. Last thing I need is whinny cry people on my hand to pacify. Be productive, I’m certain among you there are intelligent accountant, leaders, finance people that can come up with a better plan to help the country rather than showing my gun is bigger than you and calling names.


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