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President Obama Budget and Security at Airport

February 2, 2010

Reading in USA Today (2/2/2010) “Budget at a Glance” and below it “Airport-security plan calls for 500 body scanner in 2011”.

First I’m glad to see we finally moving to full body scanners to get security lines moving faster (no more removing jackets and other items you have on) to go thru a metal detector. Problem though is that the government is spending $215 million to outfit nearly half the airports with those scanners (500 to be acquire combined with 450 to be bought this year), but the defense budget is set at $192.3 BILLION. Isn’t defense budget is to protect us from outside threats and keep waging a war no one wants, WELL how about this for a radical idea, take the $0.3 from the $192.3billion and we have an extra $300million to outfit the rest of the airport in the country and have extra to send to international airports to protect flights heading to the US. Would the defense department really miss those $300 million, heck I would even classify it as part of defense to begin with.

Energy, will I’m glad we are seeing a push for nuclear energy now. If we have to “tax” coal fired plants (cap and trade) and make consumers pay for this tax hike, provide us with alternative ebergy such as nuclear that can be cheaper.


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