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TSA and security!

January 17, 2010

Reading about various securities breaches in US airports makes a person wonder if current security procedures are truly implemented.
For instance since when an older guy in wheel chair or a toddler are security threats and must be patted down? While on the other hand we look the other way afraid of “profiling”. Some might ask why Shadi you are from Middle East that means you will get profiled?
When I talk about profiling our TSA personal need to be trained at spotting people that would stand out and at the same time use technology to aid in that. I understand getting all technology scanners all over the nations airport can be costly but if you think about it the cost is alot cheaper the going to war and acting after the fact.
Why cant we:
1) Look for passenger that fit profile of age group that commit those unspeakable crimes.
2) Create a national registry for passengers that are welling to go thru background check and provide them with ID to enable ease of travel for them and have a specialize lane (this is being done but on small scale)
3) Create a conveyor for passenger to step on, get scanned and read their vital signs for any signs of stress or out of ordinary and flag them.
4) Create a harsher punishment for anyone that trespass security lanes, by longer prison sentence and fines that equal amount of damage caused by flight delays and extra security at airport.
4) eliminate the 3oz rule and have machines that can scan the liquids inside

Just few of my thoughts, looking forward for additional ones.


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