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Health care issue

August 14, 2009

If a Universal Health plan is ago then it’s not a brain surgery to figure out that you only provide it for people that are ABLE to work. This is not an open bank account for lazy people out there.

How about set a limit, if someone is working to provide for their family, and they make below poverty level per their state, then they get free health care PERIOD. Now if the same person makes above poverty and his employer doesn’t provide health care coverage then he/she pay a percentage of their pay to cover cost of health plan (just like everyone else does). No longer Obama & Company raise taxes on rest of us who pay for health care thru their employer.

On another note, how do Obama & Company except for doctors to provide health care if he is driving them out of business? Only conclusion I have is Obama is being surrounded by lawyers who only care about their bottom line. If you expect doctors to take a hit on payment reduction then in return you stop those “pain/suffering” lawsuits that gets out of hand. PUT A LIMIT. You will have either doctors migrating from one State to another (just like between KY & IN, where IN has limit on malpractice lawsuit & KY doesn’t) or have less people going to medical field because it’s costly. What’s next subcontract our healthcare to India & Mexico for cheap labor?

PS. For everyone that says Universal care is “Socialist” what do you think of Social Security, Medicare & Medicate? Why those people don’t cry wolf?


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  1. So you think conservativly with your pocketbook. I agree and disagree. I think everyone should be able to purchase health care for what I pay. Our premium is 90 bucks a month and that is half what the company pays. So 270 a month is not bad for a family of 4. I do not want to pay for anyone elses anything. I think medicare and medicaid and social security should all be privatized. The government has already screwed things up enough. i wonder what is gonna happen next. I just sit back and shake my head and think why are people so damn dumb. Oh yeah and Obamas problem is he has never really had to work a second in his life for anything so he does not understand what it is like to make $$$$, then pay $$ out to support your family on $$.I was a single mom for years and I did not get government assistance. i did it all on my own. i worked my ass of and made myself sick. But if I could do it why cant everyone else do it.And those Mexicans you speak of. If we outsource doctors to them that is just another job they have that we do not.

  2. While on this subject why not hi the Union for complaning when the companies they work for starts charging them minimal amount for health insurance while the none union people paying arm and a leg… to me seems we are subsidizing their health care also.

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