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What are they thinking?

July 6, 2009

Ok so the Republicans lost it all and instead of trying to figure a good strategy to gain back the presidency, house, senate etc. they run around with chickens that lost their heads.
Entertain me for a second here:
Rush Limbaugh, ARE YOU KIDDING ME! One of the most prejudice people I have ever listened to is a spoke person for Republican. This guy is far off RIGHT it’s not even funny, I thought being a KKK member and burning crosses is thing of the past.
Sarah Palin, ARE YOU KIDDING ME! She is considering running for presidency in 2012. President of what? She probably doesn’t know what USA means. How can you even think of being a leader of the free world (emphasis on WORLD) if you haven’t travelled all over and experienced different cultural and new ways of doing things. Does she thinks because John McCain made the biggest gamble in his life and stupid one for that matter by appointing her a running VP she has a chance? HELLO wake up from your sleep Sara, McCain lost the election by HUGE margin because you opened your mouth. Imagine if you run for president, the Republican party will cease to exists.

Is this a big Republican joke, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh are the new face of this party? It’s not April’s fool’s day or is it?
I would like to see a balance in this country we can’t have Democrats running the show and we can’t have also Republicans running the show. What this country needs is a stale mate between those two parties. This way not much damage can be done i.e. sending us to un-warranted wars or running a huge deficit.
Republicans, you need to join the rest of the world in the 21 century and stop living in the past, you can have your values and be on the right without being an idiot.

Good luck to all


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One Comment
  1. Hey Shadi i am running for president in 2013. i will finally be old enough. I have a plan to save this country from the financial ruin it is in. First and foremost, stop all the foreign aid to countries who openly hate us. And then those who want the aid money need to earn it somehow. Second, welfare and all the unglorious benefits will be one a 3 month only time frame. That is right, welfare mom go get a damn job. Health care? Open back up the health departments of the 70s and 80s. Everyone can go and everyone must pay. Like the copays we hard working Americans pay currently. No big whoop right. Oh yeah all the earmarks and pork fat spending. All cut off!!! I will personally sign the checks and I will personally balance the books. Since I will be well taken care of in the big house, I will not receive a paycheck either. Saves a few hundred K there. Will you vote for me?

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