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Economy round two

June 9, 2009

It has been a while since I wrote on here. Maybe it’s of lack of news, seems like same BS every-day.
Reason I’m back it’s the lovely government taking a big hand in the Auto industry and previously the banking!
What is going on with this country? Have we changed to socialist regime?
There is a difference between lending a hand and actually having a majority control in a public business.
GM for example (or what’s being referred to Government Motors) will be under Obama & Co control (60%), the secured debtor will get the short end of the stick and UAW will own a good chunck!! EXCUSE ME, but what is going on here? Why would anyone lend $$ to any company now if government can come in and say “Sorry about your luck” we own it and you get NUTTIN!!
If a company can’t survive on its own then let it fail, one might argue what about all those people that will lose their jobs! HELLO look how many are losing their jobs and dealers closing. BUT if for example GM shuts down, then other car companies will step in to fill the void and produce better cars and hire the best people from GM to produce what consumers wants.
If a company not welling to change then why keep it on life support? Pull the plug. Not only will the strongest survive but the one more adaptable to change with the environment will prosper.


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  1. That is what I said. Obama is not going to help me if I need it, why help them. Plus we lost our asses big. I have stock in GM. Or better yet I had stock in GM. I like your posts.

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