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Fun facts from observing people

April 27, 2009

A fun fact from observing people during my travels, next time you are out notice the following:
When you go to a restaurant, airport, or any place that has tables and chairs, people of all walks of life will gravitate to the dirties table!
I still have not figured that one out or pin point what gravitate people to that.

MAYBE, it is the herd mentality!
If someone was here then this place must be good and therefore I want to be part of it. Just like people standing in-line for a cheap burger, is it truly worth your time to be in line for that, or to save a cent on gas you drive across town and stand in line with other cars burning more gasoline in process (not mentioning the drive to the other side of town)

Is that why we have leaders and followers?
Since the majority of people are followers maybe that is why the herd mentality, use a dirty table (if it was a good choice another person then it’s good for me), stand in long line for an event, restaurant or bar. Night clubs use this tactics to give the illusion that their place is busy, by having people stand outside for x amount of time before letting them inside.
Try this exercise, when you out dirty a certain table but not too much it’s disgusting, in a way that you have crumbs everywhere, then move to another table and watch people gravitate to that table. Too funny.

How about in the airplane when it lands, almost everyone jumps out of their seat as if their luggage in the over head is going to run away or for some miracle reason their plane is going to leave while they still inside. It’s my favorite part watching the herds run on top of each other trying to be the first ones out of the plane, where in fact if they did it in orderly fashion it will go faster.
Try this exercise, next time you travel relax on your seat, let people “stamped” on each other trying to get out, but guess what because you took your time, you will pass every single one after you exit the plane. It’s the idea of being so busy that their minds stops functions and can’t comprehend their surroundings. You on the other hand took your time and didn’t rush therefore didn’t worry about it. Of course some people (I have been there too), you would have to run to catch your other flight that you have to run, few and in between.

Best of them all when people line up for hot ticket item, as life would cease to exists if they were not the first ones to have it on their block.
Think iPhone craze; look at the lines of people that formed to have the first phone!
What were they thinking?
My opinion they weren’t, they were following the rest of the herd with the shepherd (Apple) leading the flocks of sheep to buy their product.
What was it so appealing to those masses to plunge and buy one that is not subsidized and with 2 year contract?
Easy answer: people require leaders to tell them what is good and what is bad for them. Apple took the lead, yes their phone had a “cool” factor the touch screen being first in class, but touch screens where not something new. They were around since the first Palm phone was introduced. Marketing personal at Apple to me are one smart cookies.
Think about it what did the iPhone bring to the people that bought?
Fame, Fortune, Made their life easier, did it organize their life (heck Black Berry & Palm had better organizers), cool games (oh yeah the shaking baby is a cool one, but glad Apple took it off the market). Don’t get me wrong Apple is a great company, they market their products in a way no other company can, their products might be easier to use for people that are technologically impaired, that’s great we need products like that. BUT why stand in line?
I’m sure we all see this on our daily life and wonder, what are they thinking?

Do leaders go off the beaten path and choose a different table a different line or is there another line for leaders that only few privileged to?


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  1. We as Americans have been programmed to want what the Jones have. I do know what you are talking about with thetables. It is a subconsciencous thing though. I bet you have fallen victem to such practice even though you did not realize it. I always wait at the movies, club even on the last flight I took. First I have children and I am trained mentally to wait with them so you do not lose one or more of them. Very rarely is the first pup to teet the most satisfied on. Ask me what that means if you do not get it. I wait my turn. I like to people watch also, but then again I majired in sociology. Go figure. I study peoples social actions/reactions and relationship habits. You were a fun one to watch. I like what you think. Keep up the writings.

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