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Double Life

April 27, 2009

What makes us ticks?
Is it the small things or the big things? Just wrong time of day or month? Do the Stars have to align right?
Looking at everything one doesn’t stop but to wonder how people think and do things, why some people look at small none harmful lie “white lie” as acceptable even-though there was no reason to even tell a lie, example, someone ask you where you from? Most people would say I’m from Indiana, Ohio etc., but others would mention a different place that they are actually from! Why? What purpose that had in deceiving a simple question?

My own gut feeling thinks that some people thrives on the idea of being mysterious and to them living a double life is as exciting as living one life.
I guess a clandestine life is an appealing life to some people, a life created by James Bond movies that shows the rich & famous life mixed with secrecy & excitement. When someone creates a double life, he or she wants the illusion to think they are in control of the situation well at least of the life they have created to themselves. One might succeed in that endeavor until two things happen:

  1. He/she get bored of life created that they will drop out completely from that life and disconnect from any person associated with the “illusion” life and create another one that carries with it all the newness and excitement.
    Get so involved in the second life that it takes over the other one.
  2. We all need to dream, but some dream manifest to reality, we need to take control of those and differentiate between what we can and can not do.

    Until next thoughts …. Have fun


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One Comment
  1. Double life? White lies? Where are you from? Hmmmmm I like this one. Made me rethink somethings from my life.

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