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Can we Have Peace in the Holy Land

March 13, 2009

A simple plan:
1) Refugees issues:
a. Get compensated for the lost land they had and compensatory damages similar to
what Jews got paid for the holocaust.
b. Granted citizenship of the country they reside in
c. Have no legal rights to return
2) Jerusalem:
a. Be a country within a country similar to the Vatican in Rome
b. Ran by all three major religious group with a head person and two deputies and
alternating every x years
3) Palestinian living in Israel:
a. Give up the right of having a state within Israel, WAKE UP “Hamas” & “Fatah”
war been lost
b. Israel with its claim as being the most democratic nation (nice joke), give the
Palestinian a full Israelis citizenship and full rights like the rest of the Israelis
population and assimilate them into the country.
c. Remove the wall being built, if East and West Germany can do it why in the 21
century we are doing segregation? Once the majority of Palestinian prospers they
will turn against the bad apples.
Before anyone gets on me for being “anti-Semitic” please review this page for the meaning of this word at:

Also people “Mainly Americans” need to understand the difference between Judaism and Israel.
Judaism: is a religion which most intelligent people do not dispute
Israel: is a nation and for all purposes it considers itself a democratic nation and therefore criticizing nation polices is something allowed by all democratic nations.

Reason I mention this; it happened not on one occasion but many times and not in small town USA but even larger cities.
I get asked: where I’m from? To me this refers to a place, therefore when I mention Jordan or Palestinian origin I get an odd look and question is asked again!!!
Then finally I get asked if I’m a Jew!!!!
Only explanation I can come up with is that maybe to American since there is Jerusalem (pronounced JewRusalem) then they assume a Jew is a city or a nation. Unless someone can give me a better explanation I’m sticking with that one.


AP News — A proof that Israel is a democratic state NOT

Fri Apr 3, 10:34 am ET
JERUSALEM – Two women serve in Israel’s new Cabinet, but some Israelis would rather not see them.
Newspapers aimed at ultra-Orthodox Jewish readers tampered with the inaugural photograph of the Cabinet, erasing ministers Limor Livnat and Sofa Landver.
Ultra-Orthodox newspapers consider it immodest to print images of women.
The daily Yated Neeman digitally changed the photo, moving two male ministers into the places formerly occupied by the women.
The weekly Shaa Tova simply blacked the women out, in a photo reprinted Friday by the mainstream daily Maariv.
No response was available from the two papers.
During the election, campaign posters featuring female candidate Tzipi Livni were defaced near ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods.
One Comment
  1. What an interesting facts today … I have to say I live in a dream, maybe there is no such thing as Peace in Holy Land!!!!Israel army: No Charges in Gaza probe killing none discriminatory makes this “a moral and ideological army” according to Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi! Give me a break, or at least treat me like someone with an IQ of 90. This army is leading the world to believe (well US mostly, rest of the world knows the truth) that since bad Hamas was hiding among civilian then killing everyone is OK!!! Or as it would be called collateral damage!Let us imagine the US doing that on this land, OMG what a rebellion we would have on our hands. Just think for a moment the response the cops/army would have when a school shooting happens. Imagine if the army decided to drop bombs on VT or Colombian HS to make sure the shooters are dead!!! Same logic, the shooter (i.e. bad guy) was hiding among civilian (students).What about the t-shirts the few bad apples at this army bought!!! Showing the killing of kids and pregnant woman? Gen. Gabi must think that’s moral too.,97b52eb0-a8da-4861-b800-0690a7b98c33.htmlPeace can only happen when both sides truly needs it and ask for it.Until then it’s just a dream…

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