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Economy and where we go from Here?

March 11, 2009

I’m becoming to believe no matter how much billions are being pumped in the market by the current administration nothing will happen…. UNLESS why would bank lend $ to a business if they know the market is not moving, and in return why would people want to spend their hard earned cash if they think market not going to stabilize.

One radical thinking would be: halt the Stock market trading for a year! Freeze all stock trading, no more long or short, highs and lows. If a company wants to raise capital sell bonds. In other words public companies become close to being private companies not able to raise capital thru stocks.
What about 401K, pension plans etc some would cry out. All that cash would be directed to money market accounts or buying corporate/government bonds.
By doing so, companies would be relived of a year to improve their out-looks increase sales, people psyche about stocks up and down would diminish, values at the retirement accounts would freeze for a year and cash would be “horded” until next year. This would get people into living their lives spending their cash and get the economy rolling.

Another radical idea, get the almost Trillion dollar in form of vouchers to every American that filed taxes. (Translates to over $3000/person)
The vouchers would be used within a year period (during the stock market freeze), for products and services that would require those products and services to move from one US region to another.

Finally, Government needs to make sure to convey the massage of everything will be OK and not DOOM

Pros for ideas:
1) Stopped the daily news about new market crashes
2) Got people thinking of future
3) Spending starts with vouchers being redeemed
4) After 12 months, all this cash that been setting on the side, can be reinvested in various stocks which will get the marketing humming with new capital
1) The fear of frozen stock market will drive people in droves to their banks to withdraw their cash. Hoard mentality.
2) Vouchers are not invested to their intended purpose
3) Failures of few banks, but then again that is capitalism and weak sectors needs to be reset
4) People close to retirement are most vulnerable in this, with frozen stocks and taking a year to implement 1 trillion in spending


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  1. and what you know,goverment is looking into giving vouchers for car buying…

  2. Not too long ago, the sun ever sat on the British Empire land! And now this empire has been reduced to its original shape…an Island. We could look in history books and find similar stories to previous empires, French, Roman, Ottoman, etc. every one of them reached a peak then dwindled or disappeared.Is the same going to happen to the American Empire?I believe so unless the country realize they are an empire and change the way they think, the US has lost its ideological ideas of being the land of the free since 9/11, one would look to all the “security” or Homeland security to realize that personal freedom does not exists and with recent economic woes the despair between the rich and poor is getting to resemble other empires. We could argue this is a capitalist society and Mary Antoinette would reply by saying “Let them eat cake”.The US economy will not go back to its hay days, China and India will overtake the US, and they are growing rapidly, and have the human resources for their manufacturing and between those two countries they have quadruple the consumers we have in this country.I would say the US has about 50 years left of its life span as an empire before China and India takes over.I’m not suggesting though that the US will go the way of other empires BUT the US influence around the world will not be as strong. The US still has over 300 Million consumers and a vast land to sustain itself and would find a different way of surviving just like the British became a financial hub in Europe.

  3. Why is everyone worried about the meager $180million bounces given to AIG (which Obama administration approved in the first place) and forgot about the $1 trillion dollar spent?How easily people can be manipulated to have the subject at hand change to something that in big scheme of things is a drop in pocket.Why the Auto industry is going thru a major shake-up and the Financial industry isn’t?I love the argument Big 3 did not produce efficient cars and if they done that they will not be in this mess!!! I agree with that statement BUT HELLOOOO what about all the banking and the big mess they got everyone in?Why the government doesn’t oust all the CEOs of the banks and financial firms that took bailout? Get a fresh view from an outsider. Why the Amex CEO give himself a raise while NONE,ZIP ZILCH of his employees got any, oh wait they got something PINK SLIPS.So this only proves my point that I made earlier US is an empire which to me translate to a kingdom. People don’t have $$ to buy bread, hey let them eat cake instead!!!!

  4. Jobless rate up 8.5% but my thinking it’s probably close to 10% if not higher. Since this country puts so much emphasis on illegal immigrant then for sure they are facing same employment issues (or lack of), but can’t be reported.

  5. Dude what about the American dream of working for yourself and making it on your own? I have a friend who owns her own restaurant and she is thinking of closing down due to Obamas bull crap.And I am not getting a voucher for my damn vehicle. I drive a SUV and they are wanting to implement higher fees for me. Have you actually read the spending bill? I have word for word and my husband made me stop. He said I was getting mad at him while we were on a vacation.I personally could care less about the illegal immigrants. Send them back to where ever they came from. It still will not hekp the jobless rates. People will work only if they want to. The gov. has made it so easy to get welfare and unemployment only for those who do not desreve it. People will not work if it means they have to actually get off of the sofa and stop watching the govt provided television.As for the Brits, man they should have kept hold of Israel and India and Africa. The world was a lot more peaceful back then. My solution to the Isreal deal is let them fight it out for themselves. I am tired of the crap. Like I tell my girls go fight it out and the one still living is the absolute winner. I think this would work for a lot of situations. But that is why I am not president nor am I in charge. But I will run in 2012, do you want a cabinet seat?

  6. What you know On "USA Today" newspaper.Democartas agree on cash for clunkers.I guess we are finally seeing that German where ahead of the curve. But then again Germans are the one invited the car not US, so they should know what is better to improve car sales.Anyway, what is proposed now is: $4500 vouchers for you to buy for a better fuel efficient car than the one you currently drive.I know most of you that followed "Drill baby Drill" slogan would hate this and would say thats my American dream to drive what I want!Hey goverment just trying to help the whinny people who drive big SUVs & Trucks for no purpose what so ever!! Its only to out do the Jones next door. Only in US that we encourge to consume more than we need (more gas for our cars and less walking or riding bike) and then when we get a sticker shock we go crying to goverment for help.And following Katrina's comment, wish Brits held to India, Africa and Israel, she forgot that US was once part of Brits & French. Hey that's new world order and according to Darwin, we all evolve and only the fitest survive.

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